Teams of Australia: The Buddy Squad

Posted on June 6, 2018

The storied history of “The Buddy Squad in our tournaments is an interesting one: They’ve played in 2 of our tournaments and reached 2 finals, but have yet to snatch the gold. In our most recent tournament the team did not make an appearance, but 2 of their players did – “Horus” and “Hayze”played as part of the once-off “AEF “Leftovers”. This team was immediately knocked out in the first round by “Spag and Sons”, now known as “Trident Esports”. Now the core of “The Buddy Squad” return to try and finally snatch that gold. Their first match is against “Diogi” oh which “MGC” is a member, a previous team member of “AEF” Leftovers”. Should they reach the second round they have the potential to meet “Seventh Heaven”, where they’ll match up against player “Rizz”, who played as a sub for them in our October tournament. The Semifinals hosts the potential matchup with “Natural 9”, where they’ll have a chance to avenge the painful loss they had in the finals. Will this be the tournament where “The Buddy Squad” finally come out victorious?

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