Teams of Australia: Seventh Heaven

Posted on June 7, 2018

Seventh Heaven made the news in the Australian community by qualifying for the WESG main event earlier this year. The team represented Australia on the international carrying the hopes of much of the nation. Now they’re hoping to bring that performance to the Australian stage in ADL. While the roster has shuffled since then, the current roster has quite a history with ADL. “idealism”, “rizz”, “RodgerDodger” played as part of “Skatemasters”, giving a masterclass to all their opponents, making it to the grand finals before pulling out of the tournament. “Boo Boo” first entered our tournament quietly, as part of IRS before being knocked out in the first round. “Skatemasters” did not return to our February tournament, however “Rizz” played as part of “Natural 9”, the eventual winners.  “Boo Boo” and “Sacrifuzn” came in with newly formed “Team Focus”. shooting straight to the finals but falling short to “Natural 9”. Now forming “Seventh Heaven”, the team is one of the favorites and are looking to finally get the crown.

Skatemasters ft. idealism, rizz, RodgerDodger
Team Focus ft. sacrifuzn, Boo Boo

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