Teams of Australia: Natural 9

Posted on June 8, 2018

“Natural 9” are the current champions of ADL, having won the last 2 tournaments. They’ve been the favourites each time they’ve made an appearance and this time it’s no different. The members remain consistent over the tournaments with the addition of “lordboonz” who played for “Skatemasters” in our October tournament. “Rizz”, who also played for “Skatemasters”, played as part of “Natural 9” in our February tournament. Now he plays for “Seventh Heaven” while “lordboonz” also played for “Seventh Heaven Earlier this year”. Will these swaps make much of a difference for the teams? “Natural 9” have long considered the best Dota 2 team in Australia, but there’s been a recent pump in the level of competitive teams in Australia. Now with all these other teams vying for contention as Australia’s best the Australian team as become a shark tank. Will Natural 9 stand at the end of this? The hat-trick is waiting.

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