Teams of Australia: Fox Gaming

Posted on June 2, 2018

Veterens of the ADL series. We welcome Fox Gaming to this tournament. The Fox Gaming team make-up has gone through many changes through our many tournaments, but they retain the same fighting spirit. Jesus returns this tournament as perhaps our most familiar member – having participated as part of Fox Gaming in every iteration of of our many tournaments. TCG and Killeroo also return as part of FG for the Asian Dota 2 League. FG have picked up HoboD, who was part of Dog & Dog in the previous tournament. HoBoD was part of the team that knocked out FG. Winhouse and Farnsworth round up the remaining members of FG, first time participants of ADL. 

If Fox Gaming make it through to the quarter finals they face a potential match-up with Natural 9, the team that knocked them into the lower brackets during our October tournament. Not only that but the semi finals offers a potential match-up between Fox Gaming and Seventh Heaven, of which Rizz and Boo Boo are members of. If the teams have as good a memory as us, they’ll have the painful memory of being knocked out in our inaugural tournament by Sugoi Squad, of which Rizz was a member. On the other hand, Boo Boo was part of the losing team in IRS, where IRS and FG met in the lower brackets. Let’s get it on!

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