Teams of Australia: Diogi

Posted on June 5, 2018

We welcome Team Diogi to our tournament. It’s a new team, but with familiar players. “MGC” was present in our first tournament as part of Fox Gaming, losing in the early stages of our the tournament. In our last tournament MGC returned as part of “AEF Leftovers”, a team that included members of “The Buddy Squad”. This squad was knocked out of the first round by “Spag and Sons”, now known as Trident Esports. With this current tournament “Baosu” has returned as an active member with “MGC” to form DIogi” while other former “AEF Leftovers” members “Horus” and “Hayze” come back as the newly reformed “The Buddy Squad”. How will the matches between former teammates play out? “Fox Gaming”, “Trident Esports”, ‘The Buddy Squad” are all interesting match-ups for “Diogi” to watch out for.

Fox Gaming

"fox Gaming" of whom "MGC" was a member

"AEF Leftovers" split with members in "THe bUddy Squad" and "Diogi"

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