Teams of Australia: Natural 9

June 8, 2018

“Natural 9” are the current champions of ADL, having won the last 2 tournaments. They’ve been the favourites each time they’ve made an appearance and this time it’s no different.


Teams of Australia: Seventh Heaven

June 7, 2018

Seventh Heaven made the news in the Australian community by qualifying for the WESG main event earlier this year. The team represented Australia on the international carrying the hopes of much of the nation. Now they’re hoping to bring that performance to the Australian stage in ADL.


Teams of Australia: The Buddy Squad

June 6, 2018

The storied history of “The Buddy Squad in our tournaments is an interesting one: They’ve played in 2 of our tournaments and reached 2 finals, but have yet to snatch the gold.


Teams of Australia: Internal Discord

June 5, 2018

The other newcomer team, “Internal Discord”. The team has been on fire this season, with some very impressive performances. We’re excited to see what they have to bring in their first try in our series against Australia’s best.


Teams of Australia: Diogi

We welcome Team Diogi to our tournament. It’s a new team, but with familiar players.


Teams of Australia: Fox Gaming

June 2, 2018

Veterens of the ADL series. We welcome Fox Gaming to this tournament. The Fox Gaming team make-up has gone through many changes through our many tournaments, but they retain the same fighting spirit.


Teams of Australia: Smooth Gaming

June 1, 2018

First time entrants of our our series, Smooth Gaming are looking to try and break into the spotlight with their first run in this Australian Dota 2 tournament.


Teams of Australia: Trident Esports

May 31, 2018

Meet Trident Esports, one of the participants of the Asian Dota 2 League’s upcoming tournament. This is the second entry the team will be making, under a different name. FOllow their journey as they try and take on Australian Dota’s best.


The teams of ADL: Australia

May 30, 2018

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Introducing Australian Dota 2 to the World

April 26, 2018

By Jason Song   We would like to extend our thanks to all who participated in the Australian Dota 2 League’s second tournament and congratulations to Natural 9 who emerged victorious in their BO5 match against The Buddy Squad. We understand scheduling and commitment to a long tournament can be quite difficult and appreciate teams […]