Introducing Australian Dota 2 to the World

Posted on April 26, 2018

By Jason Song


We would like to extend our thanks to all who participated in the Australian Dota 2 League’s second tournament and congratulations to Natural 9 who emerged victorious in their BO5 match against The Buddy Squad. We understand scheduling and commitment to a long tournament can be quite difficult and appreciate teams putting on some amazing matches.


Generation of Miracles
The Buddy Squad
Fox Gaming
No Lich Gaming
Le Voyage


Natural 9 placed first
The Buddy Squad placed second

We would also like to thank the Serranto team who ensured the success of the tournament; without their amazing contributions and constant support the tournament would not be as successful as it was.


Daniel (DareDevilDan) — Caster
Mitchell (Son of Eevil)— Caster
Sam (Fury)— Analyst
David — In game highlights
James — Videographer


Son of Eevil and Fury


Last of all, we want to show our appreciation towards all the viewers for making this all worth it and our sponsors/assistants for aligning with our vision of providing player representation and stability in esports.


Red Bull
The Melbourne University’s Accelerator Program
GG EZ esports Bar



We hope everyone enjoyed the event and are excited to prove the Australian Dota 2 community deserves to be recognised!

Ana comes to enjoy some local Dota 2
So do his fans


The tournament was quite a success by Australian standards, breaking the 345 viewership mark on as well as 130 within the Dota 2 client. We were also fortunate enough to be featured on some Chinese streams, YouTube channels in Russia and Vietnam and other streaming services boosting viewership numbers quite significantly* to over 21,000 concurrent viewers

*Data taken from Dota 2 client and

Serranto also hosted a viewing experience in conjunction with GG EZ, with a turn out of over 60+ people at the event.


GG EZ Bar in Melbourne


We have been reviewing suggestions on what could have been improved to make the experience better for everyone. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our next project will be larger, incorporating teams from across the ASEAN region and beyond.


Originally posted on Oct 25, 2017