Teams of Australia: Trident Esports

Posted on May 31, 2018

Previously known as Spag and Sons, they participated in our tournament and made it to the semi-finals by beating “AEF Leftovers” but losing out to “Natural 9”. They have since been picked up by Trident Esports, with 4 players of the SnS roster returning for this tournament. MGC of “AEF Leftovers” returns with “Diogi”, while “Horus” and “Hayze” are back with the return of “The Buddy Squad” but are on on the other side of the draw, so the teams will need to make it to the end, or somehow meet in the lower brackets. However the team that sent them out of the previous tournament, “Natural 9” will meet them in the second round should both teams win. This iteration of “Natural 9” includes “Balla”, “Blackshatan”, “Cas158”, and “Xemistry”. With both teams having 4 returning players, this will be a rematch that Trident Esports hopes to avenge the painful knockout of the previous tournament. “Rizz” from last tournament’s  “Natural 9” also returns with team “Seventh Heaven”, albeit on the other side of the draw. Time for TE to carve out a new story in this coming series.

Previously known as Spag and Sons

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